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- What problem does it solve?
- What makes it neat?
- Why is it better than alternatives?
- How would you improve it (if applicable)?
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Pick a product you use and love. Do not pick a product that you think would be a great answer. You are more likely to have a unique experience if you have personally been using it for a long time.

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1. Talk about the product details:

- What is the product?
- What does it do?
- Why do you use it?

2. How does this product delight the user?

- Mention at least 2-3 things the product does to delight its users

3. How do competitors compare?

- What are the alternatives?
- Why did you not prefer them?

4. How would you improve this product?

- What would you change or add to it?
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1. Answer the question in a structured and organized way
2. Make the connection between the features and why it delights a user
3. Explain why your favorite product is better than the alternatives
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