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What did you learn from that experience?

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This is generally a question that is asked to see if you are someone who can learn from the failures. Never say that you can't think of any serious failures and you have been very fortunate to be successful in most of your positions so far.

I personally encourage to use the STAR framework as a format to prepare a failure story by paying attention to these bullets:

1. Choose a real failure
Provide an overview of the situation. Keep it concise and give only enough background.

2. Don't raise red flags
Never use something like you were late to an important meeting or even forgot to attend one.

3. Focus on the learning
Pick a story that ends with a compelling example of a lesson learned.
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I wouldn't recommend talking about a huge disaster. If you made a massive mistake that cost your past employer millions, I would definitely keep quiet and find a less scary story. It is a more of a balancing act.
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