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This is probably the very first question to get in any interviews and also the best chance to pitch the hiring manager on why you would be a great fit for the job. In this thread, let's discuss creative ways to approach and answer this question.

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This is a great video from Linda Raynier which explains the tricks to answer this question in detail:

When they ask you to tell me about yourself in an interview, it is critical that you do not talk about your personal and family life but instead focus on your professional background and credentials. Remember to tell a story. Not a life long story, but your professional work story consisting of your work experiences, qualifications and why you are a good fit for this role.

4 major tips that your "tell me about yourself" answer should include:

Tip 1 - Give a snapshot of your work history.
Tip 2 - Make your mini stories achievement-oriented.
Tip 3 - Tell the employer what you KNOW about this role.
Tip 4 - Finally, tell the employer WHY you’re the RIGHT fit for what they need.
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1. Why you are qualified
Summarize what you have done that qualifies you for this position.

2. Why you have applied
Emphasize the opportunity to move forward in your career.
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In addition to these already existing great answers, a simple Present-Past-Future formula can also be used.

1. First start with the PRESENT (where you are right now), and then
2. Talk about the PAST (experiences and skills gained at previous jobs), and
3. Finally finish with the FUTURE (why you are excited for the opportunity).
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